Our Story

We have always been a creative, crafty couple...

 Our home is one of constant adventures and hands on learning experiments. Scott works his “magic” during the day designing theme parks and I work mine teaching Art and Cultural Studies.

  In 2016 we found ourselves on a different adventure. One that took us on a trip down memory lane. Our then, very inquisitive 4 year old constantly asked about our favorite childhood things. Having recently lost my mom I found some of her questions hard to answer, as I did not remember. Wanting to find a way to unlock our lost memories, we encouraged her quizzes. Soon memories Scott and I had shelved years ago were coming back to us accompanied by all the nostalgic scents those memories held. Brooklyn’s innocent and curious soul made ours yearn to remember, to find a way to relive a piece of our childhood so we could then share it with her.

  So every night after work we turned our kitchen into a laboratory, making different candles every week. Each one specifically chosen to bring us back to a time and a place we longed for. After sharing them with family and friends, It was determined that everyone was in need of the same simple reminders.

  With that Four Points Trading Company was born! We are a small family
run business that believes every scent tells a story and this is ours.