Our Story

   We have always been a creative, crafty couple. Our home is one of constant adventures. This particular journey began as our inquisitive 4 year old asked us about every "favorite" childhood thing we loved. Her quizzes triggered memories we had shelved years ago, unlocking all of the nostalgic scents that came along with them. Her innocent and curious soul made ours yearn to remember just so we could share our experiences with her.

   Our Kitchen became a laboratory, making different small batches of candles every week. Each one specifically chosen to bring us back to a time and a place we longed for. After sharing them with our family and friends, it was determined everyone was in need of those same simple reminders.

So Four Points Trading Company was born! It truly is a family affair.

From the handmade wooden crates naturally stained by our daughter, to the measuring and mixing of the wax. Every candle is handcrafted and hand poured right in our home with love.