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Oakmoss & Amber 3.4oz Reed Diffuser

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This majestic scent will definitely take you on a trip to the backwoods, where the wild things are. Its blend of woods, moss and musk will create an experience like no other. So go visit Max and see how he rules the land where everyone is happy.

 When the flicker of a flame is not convenient, replace it with our high quality low maintenance diffusers. 

Disperse your favorite nostalgic scents in any room and allow them to linger as long as you’d like! (Likelihood 3 months) 

Every bottle comes with long lasting memories and rattan reeds.


-Bottle measures 1.75" L X 1.75" W X 4.25" H
-Reed length: Approx. 10" 
-3.4 fl oz // 100 ml

Duration: 2-3 Months


Directions For Use:

-Remove cork and place reeds in diffuser oil.
-Allow oils to travel the length of the reeds.
-Flip reeds weekly or when scent becomes faint.


Collections: Diffusers, Room Scents

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